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White-label product for a taxi company. Mobile application design with a custom user interface for customers and drivers. Aiming to save costs with the taxi booking management system and to create a subscription service for clients. The portfolio designs are edited to maintain the privacy of our client. The app will be published in 2024.

Role - Research, Branding, UI & UX
Year - 2021

Client - Taxi company


Taxi Booking App Design UI
Taxi App Design UI


How to create an easy-to-use user interface for both the taxi drivers and their customers? Customers require a simple user interface with an easy profile set-up with a few marketing features and advanced privacy.

Taxi drivers need an easy-to-use and manage user interface that facilitates customer acquisition and does not interfere with driving. What marketing features are enough to acquire new customers and keep the old ones, but to keep the app comfortable to use? 


We created two different user interfaces, one for the taxi driver and another for the customer. Both are easy to use and require only a name and a mobile phone number to sign up. The user interface includes very few marketing features to keep it comfortable to use.

Taxi drivers can accept new customer requests while driving, and customers can subscribe to the newsletter to get deals and discount codes.
Customers can rate the driver after the ride and contact customer service through the app.

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