Boccholie has come a long journey with us and developed slowly to become the heart of our business. It represents a rare beauty that is flourishing only in harsh environments. Boccholie born when a 10-year old curious little girl came interested in learning about Sámi people in 1999. She was taught the name of the Mountain Avens, the national flower of Lapland, in the Sámi language, a language of the indigenous people inhabiting the region of Lapland.

Nature is our inspiration, part of us and our origin. Lapland is all about authentic, pure nature that's an essential part of all our creations. Sámi people are known to be the last ones to stand for the untouchable environment of Northern Europe. Stories tell they are small and feisty, and the harsh weather of Lapland is part of their soul.

Boccholie, the Mountain Avens, carries the same features. It only flourishes in a harsh environment and is rare in the wild. As this beauty chooses to thrive only in challenging circumstances, it perfectly describes the Northern people and our working mentality.

Inspired by Boccholie, we create simple beauty that thrives even in challenging times and sums up the core of the authentic nature of your business.

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