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SEO Optimized Websites Yield Results

Updated: Feb 6

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a fundamental aspect of web design. Even the best product won't sell if your website cannot be found on popular search engines. SEO often poses a headache for entrepreneurs and may seem overwhelmingly difficult and technical. However, with a little study, one can get a good start in SEO independently. SEO-optimized websites are an excellent way to increase site visitors and stand out from the competition on a small budget.

To ensure the best results, it's essential to remember the three basic elements of SEO: website structure, strategy, and content optimization. Among search engines, Google is the most widely used, and as a result, many web platforms are developed primarily to meet Google's requirements. Google demands ease of use, engaging content, and speed from a site, and it monitors site usage and the time visitors spend on the site. Therefore, fast, user-friendly sites that attract the most visitors and offer engaging content rank highest on Google.

Start with the structure of your website, considering how you build it. Will you use an external expert, or will you build the site yourself? Many services allow you to create your own site with minimal effort and include SEO-optimized technology. Creating your own site can be easily done with services such as Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress, the latter requiring a bit more expertise. Squarespace and Wix allow you to create simple sites almost entirely without coding knowledge. Full-service web platforms are mobile-optimized, provide your site with its own domain and hosting, and update their structure with changing technology. For example, constantly evolving smartphones may lead to your site being dropped from Google's search engine if your own website does not evolve with mobile device development. Web platforms update their themes and structures agilely with technological advancements, often transmitting necessary information to search engines and ensuring that your site functions in line with contemporary standards.

After setting up the structure, the most important task is to define a strategy, i.e., how you reach your customers and generate revenue for your business. It is essential to start with the basics of your marketing strategy. What is your product or service, who are your customers, and where is the best way to reach them? If, for example, your customers are active on various social media channels, these channels should be considered in the structure of your website, and integrating them into your site should be easy. What are your sales channels? Does the strategy include an online store, a reservation service, or do you plan to have a blog or portfolio of your work? In addition to these strategic considerations, your website needs to define a design and content that reflects your company, making it easy for potential customers to find your site through search engines. An essential part of website strategy is keywords, i.e., SEO optimization. In short, this means a few keywords that best describe your products or services. These 2-5 words should be mentioned on your site as often as possible, appropriately included in the content. Additionally, all images, links, pages, headlines, and articles should be named according to keywords, and the site's sitemap should be submitted to Google Search Console.

SEO often requires a lot of work and a good overview of the overall picture of the site. This brings us to the finishing touch: content optimization. When the strategy is in place, keywords are known, and the structure of the pages is ready, the site still needs content. The more and higher quality content you have, the more likely it is that customers will find your site. Content is part of the strategy, which also defines whether you want to talk about your products or services, educate your customers, or showcase your work and how you do it. This should be considered based on what your customers are looking for online. If you sell running shoes, customers are likely looking for user experiences, reviews, and the best deals. Good content also interests other websites. Search engines love links! The more high-quality sites link to your site, the better you will rank on search engines like Google. Quality content is part of optimization because a well-optimized website reaches potential customers effectively.

seo optimized website

Sounds easy, doesn't it? However, when building your own website, you often need to learn a lot of new things, and the time of many entrepreneurs may not be sufficient for this, making outsourcing website development a good solution. If you build the site yourself, you are responsible for the functionality of the structure, and it's essential to have at least basic web design skills. An external expert can advise you on choosing the right platform and assist in building and creating content for your own website. You can outsource website development as much as you want, but often it is sufficient to purchase the website building and create the content yourself. This also saves some money for the entrepreneur. Our consultants are happy to help you in website design. Book a free 30-minute website consultation from the link below, and you can discuss with us the solution that best suits your needs:

Our ready-made website solutions are also a good way to establish your own website, check out the ready service packages here.

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