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Affordable Website for a Restaurant

How to build distinctive yet affordable websites for a restaurant? The number of restaurants and cafes has been growing rapidly in recent years. Standing out from the crowd may take time and money if online advertising is not mastered. For an aspiring entrepreneur, there are many services available for running websites, but how to find a suitable service for your budget?

The most resourceful entrepreneurs create their own websites using common platforms such as WordPress, which powers up to 30% of the world's websites, or Wix and Squarespace, which have gained great popularity due to their user-friendly interfaces.

Simple websites can often be obtained with a small yearly or monthly fee. Depending on the platform, unexpected additional costs may arise from separate add-ons and services, with the most common being ready-made design packages, email services, integrated social media such as embedded Facebook or Instagram, email lists, table reservation systems, or various marketing tools. When considering the right solution, it is worth thinking about what features the restaurant's website should have to reach the target audience and boost sales.

affordable website for a restaurant

Most customers search online for a restaurant's opening hours, contact information, or menus, so these should be quickly accessible and user-friendly on the website. Too often, slow-loading and unclear menus can deter customers within just 5 seconds of waiting.

The second most sought-after function on a restaurant's website is a reservation system. A highly recommended addition to the website is an online reservation system. This feature includes the restaurant's own reservation system or, alternatively, integrating a service such as Open Table or Quandoo. Online booking is particularly popular among customers, who prefer to reserve their table online rather than calling to a noisy restaurant. Booking online also makes it easy for tourists. In addition to these, the website should have links to social media pages, an email list for reaching customers, an electronic reservation system for table bookings, and a news section to inform about holidays and promotions.

A restaurateur with an established customer base can do well with basic website elements, but for those aiming for sales growth, just opening a restaurant, or building a broader corporate image, it is advisable to add features that enhance organic visibility, such as a blog, photo gallery, contact form, and an online store for gift cards and merchandise. Tourism has been on the rise worldwide in recent decades, and growth is anticipated for the coming years as well. Tourists are an excellent target audience for restaurants, and therefore, different language versions of the website may bring in significant additional revenue.

Well-built websites are easily found on search engines, function on various devices such as tablets and smartphones, and load quickly. Mobile optimization is crucial when building websites, as up to 70% of website visitors use mobile devices. The speed of websites is influenced by factors such as page structure, image size, and the platform used. For example, Google classifies pages in its search results based on loading speed, in addition to keywords and other factors.

If your technical skills are not sufficient for building websites, I have added pre-made website packages for restaurants to our online store. You only need to add your own photos, update the menu, and provide basic information about the restaurant if desired. So, visit our online store, find a package suitable for your restaurant, fill in the details, and save time and money for your actual business.

Contact us if you need a solution tailored to your specific needs or if you require consulting in obtaining a website.

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