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Website for Small Business

Updated: Feb 6

Starting from scratch is difficult, but not impossible as many aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners have experienced in their early careers. Websites are essential for a small business but can incur significant costs. It's also easy to save on websites as long as the cost-cutting measures are targeted correctly. Acquiring a website is a good starting point for evaluating what your business aims to achieve with its digital visibility.

To reach customers, you need more than a good product or service – you need visibility and recommendations. A good product or service doesn't generate cash flow if no one knows about it. This is a frequently discussed topic even within many larger companies: where to invest and how much, in product development or sales and marketing. Finding the right balance leads to a successful business and reflects positively on the cash flow.

website for a small business

Websites are a good channel for visibility and customer acquisition. Having your website increases the visibility of your products or services and provides you with an additional sales channel. A well-built website is easily found on search engines, and your services appear in local searches, reaching local customers. Good websites function on various devices such as tablets and smartphones and load quickly. Mobile optimization is essential when building websites, as up to 70% of website visitors use mobile devices. The speed of websites is influenced by factors such as page structure, image size, and the platform used. Page speed is a crucial factor, as, for example, Google classifies pages in its search results based on loading speed, and today's customers tend to leave a site if it doesn't load within the first 4 seconds.

You can build your website on your own using common platforms such as WordPress, which powers up to 30% of the world's websites, or Wix and Squarespace, which have gained great popularity due to their user-friendly interfaces. 

Simple websites can often be obtained with a small yearly or monthly fee. However, depending on the platform, unexpected additional costs may arise from separate add-ons and services. In this case, the entrepreneur needs to be aware of which services positively impact the cash flow of their operations.

If your technical skills are not sufficient for building websites, we have added website packages for small businesses to our online services. You only need to add your contact information, service descriptions, and, if you wish, your images to your website, and the rest is designed and developed by us according to your wishes.

Save time and money, visit our online store, and book the service package that suits you the best. 

Contact us if you need a solution tailored to your specific needs or if you require consulting to obtain a website.

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